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Thank you for visiting. As I’ve added posts and stories to this blog one thing that I’ve wished for is more organization to the site–mainly, a better way to index and search posts by topic as well as an easier way to scroll through past posts. Toward that goal, I’ve decided to move the blog to a new site, This gives me a chance to build in more structure from the start and hopefully helps both you and I to find what we are looking for quicker. I wish you God’s presence and guidance on your journey.  

Thy Will Be Done – Learning to Pray ‘Fiat’

field in sun light

“The crucial question in prayer is not whether God suspends the laws of the universe, or whether he grants what people ask for, but whether we really open ourselves to him, open ourselves to his creating, saving presence” (Christianity Rediscovered, page 137). In his now classic book, Christianity Rediscovered, Vincent Donovan writes of his experiences sharing the message of Christianity with the Maasai tribes in Tanzania. Prior to approaching the various Maasai clans, the young Catholic priest resolves to simply present the message of Christianity—stripped as much as possible of his own Western rituals and conventions. He presents the teaching of Jesus without offering anything else that would cajole the people into a response. Nor does he ask for anything in return. As Donovan proceeds through his instruction with the Maasai, he is faced with the question, “How should Christians pray?”